Resource: Battlegroup Builder

A not that well publicised but very useful resource for the Battlegroup games is, a simple but very effective site tat allows you to put together a points based list of forces for your games.


As the above screenshot shows. the force options are helpfully broken down in the same way as the lists in t he book (HQ units, Infantry units…) and you select them simply by choosing the option from the drop down list and clicking on the surrounding box. Very intuitive.


The really useful bit however, is the ability to generate a quick reference card (random example above) that tells you how many officers you have, the force’s Battle Rating, an area to note down gun values and vehicles stats so you don’t have to keep checking the main book.

The site was developed by a chap nicknamed ‘Quozl’ over on the Guild. It’s not fully updated (it does not contain the Barbarossa or Blitzkrieg data as yet) but Quozl has stated his intention to get it done eventaully.

Anyway, a very useful and free resource for the BG playing community.



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