Yom Kippur War Project

So, I got slightly carried away with a random idea. I had a couple of 1/72 PSC halftracks left over from my Ardennes Yanks project, and was wondering what to do with them. Then a lightbulb went on – the IDF used US halftracks – a perfect excuse to something a bit different. However, talking with a couple of guys at the club, the idea of doing Yom Kippur in 15mm evolved – the argument being that it would be easier to field the large amount of armour that could be involved.

So, six weeks ago I’d never bought a 15mm vehicle – today I have the best part of a an IDF Sho’t (Centurion) company, a platoon of Supershermans, a platoon of M48 Magachs, and a motorised infantry coy.

I also have a coy of T-55s, a ZSU-23-4 and a platoon of Syrian infantry and a 1:100 MIG 19…

Thing seem to have escalated quickly.

Anyway, some ok-ish pics of work in progress…

One of six Cents


Cent Platoon
photo 1

M3 Platoon (2 more in paint queue)
photo 3

Part of M51 platoon (1 in queue)

Part of IDF infantry platoon
photo 4

Awaiting paint

Syrian armour (a bit outnumbered at the moment)

I’m actually quite enjoying the 15mm stuff – certainly quicker to churn out. Most of the above is Battlefront’s AIW range, which I’ve been picking up where cheapish. Need to do a Skytrex hit for Syrian APCS and a few other bits and pieces. Not very impressed with Peter Pig’s vehicles (infantry are nice) and really not keen on QRF’s offerings.

More to come, and then hopefully a few test games using homegrown BG adaptions…


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