Salute haul

So I managed to get to London’s Docklands last weekend, for the mother of all wargaming shows, Salute. Normally its a well attended show, but this year was the busiest I’ve seen (admittedly I’ve only been going for four years).  Perhaps the improving economy has increased disposable incomes.

I saw some excellent games – the Battlegroup Blitzkreig Dunkirk game, the Leicester Phat Cats Cold War game and an amazing 28mm ship to shore set up (AWI perhaps) which feature some incredible fighting ship models and terrain. Sadly I was too distracted by all the amazing stuff on display to take any pics. As a bonus, I got one of the bags with a Golden Ticket in it and received a free K&R backpack. Although I own several of their cases, I may ebay this as I don’t have a real use for it – proceeds from sale will help pay for the Salute shopping, which brings me to…

the …haul. Actually I was fairly restrained this year. I needed a load of stuff for our upcoming Ardennes Big Game (posts passim) and spent rather a lot on AB late war US infantry, with a platoon plus some support. I also got a few support elements from Andy at Grubby Tanks and some M3 half-tracks from Plastic Soldier. Embarrassingly I managed to buy the wrong type of US tank destroyer (M10s rather than M36) which will require some ebaying. I also bought a set of rules from the Phat Cats table, called Third Generation Warfare  as they look interesting and I’ve been after a set of rules to do Cold War games for a while.

Some of the haul

I’ve already started prepping the yanks. I need to get a move on as I only have 3 months to get them all done. First AB test figure is done and I’m quite pleased with him.

More to follow…


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