New French Terrain

A large box of resin arrived today from France….



And this isn’t all of it – I’ll be working on these for a bit, and I may do a quick review if anyone is interested…


7 thoughts on “New French Terrain

  1. Thas is some absolutely stunning terrain!
    Looking forward to see it painted. Who is the maker of theese awesome pieces?
    Kind regards

  2. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Yeah, i can see what you mean with his site taking some working out.
    It’s quite a shame, as it looks like he has a lot of top notch stuff. But you kinda need to keep your tongue straight, when finding out what item codes are needed for the specific items. Shame, as it seems pretty obvious most places on his page, while other pages, eg. the ruined french village page does not.

    What did you have to order, when ordering the 3 building ruin row?
    Just front and base? (not counting the rubble pieces of course).

    Kind regards

    Rune Daugaard Lundsteen

    1. Hi – sorry have been away for a few days. For the ruined village, I ordered:

      – S221 + Base 2B (this has 2 buildings)
      – S313 + Base 3A (3 buildings)
      – S320 + Base 3B (3 buildings)

      Hope that’s helpful. I guess if you emailed him for clarification of anything unclear you’d get a good response – my experience was very positive.

  3. Thanks for the reply man. Sorry for the time it took me to reply back.
    So, how’s the terrain progressing?
    And great looking British artillery, btw
    Kind regards

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