WIP – Normandy

Apologies for the lengthy hiatus in posts – I’ve been caught up finishing off my PhD thesis (now submitted).

So getting back into the swing of things….

First some SS Pea Dot Camo combat engineers and infantry- these are from CP Models. Lovely little figures and a joy to paint. Took me a few tries until I was happy with the Pea Dot effect. Not as good as some but I think it will suffice…

SS Combat engineers
SS Combat engineers

Next a few additions to my Late war British; a mix of AB (lovely as ever), Britannia and Kelly’s Heroes. I’ve decided I’ve got to give in and do some British Airborne, so as soon as Fighting 15s have got the re-released AB Airborne in stock I’m going to grab a few packs. I’ve also ordered a para section from Battlefield Mins, along with one of their airborne jeeps and crew. 7-P1000433

Finally, an overdue addition to my German armour. Six PSC PzIVHs, all awaiting painting. These should keep me occupied for a few days. I already have three but they were brush painted a while back and now make me cringe. I’ll maybe post a comparison picture when I have the new ones done.


We had an introductory game of Battlegroup Overlord at the club last week, which I’ll write up asap.


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