WIP – WWII Soviets.

First up, the T-34/76 company. Just short of the Coy Commander’s tank. Have also done the /85 turrets to allow for easy upgrades. Complete with riders. Some crew still to be added and basing to be finished.



Next up, the T-70 platoon. Need to be based and crew figure added to one. Not hugely happy with some of the pigments on these (noticed some pigment specks on hull which have now been removed).

04-P1000409 05-P1000410

4 x Zis 2/3 AT guns painted, crewed and based. Nice little models.

06-P1000411 07-P1000412

First infantry platoon. Some basing to complete.

Second infantry platoon – slightly under strength so a few more to buy. Basing to be completed. Also need to paint the infantry support weapons. And get a third platoon….

Elheim combat engineers undercoated and awaiting some experiments with Amoeba camo patterns….

Some heavy gun options, 2 x Pegasus ISU-152s with (a new thing for me)  RB metal barrels. I think I now get the attraction of these.

Things will be on a bit of a hiatus for the next month as I have a very serious deadline to make in early September.


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