Soviet Cold War Recce – BDRM-2s

The real thing

I’m currently building a small Soviet Cold War force, for use with Force on Force (FoF) and possibly the Battlegroup system (I’ve been lent a set of Cold War homebrew modifications). So, I picked up a box of two S-Model BDRM-2 armoured cars  at Salute.

The BDRM-2 (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina  or Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle) was the second iteration of the vehicle, with slightly better armament (a 14.5mm heavy machine gun and a coaxial 7.62mm)  and amphibious capabilities than its predecessor.

Other variants existed, including an anti-tank variant with AT-5 missiles mounted on the roof, and an anti-air version which sported SA-9 Gaskin surface-to-air missiles.

I completed these as part of the Easter speed build over on the 20mm friendly Guild forum, this being the first time in ages I’ve been at home long enough to get the time. The models were fairly easily to put together and were then airbrushed using Vallejo standard paints (Cam Olive Drab and Desert Yellow – did not want a monotone Soviet force, and this allows them to be used in other possible theatres); I then applied a MiG filter for dark green, painted the tyres, put on some chipping and varnished. I also had a first go at applying a mix of MiG pigment mixed with varnish by using an airbrush to blow the mud onto the vehicles – this was fairly successful for a first go, but a little alarming at times.

Anyway, enough chat and on with the pics of the finished versions…

Photo 24-04-2014 10 39 00 Photo 24-04-2014 10 38 26 Photo 24-04-2014 10 38 20

The crewman was sourced from the excellent S&S Models, which does a great range of post-war and WWII 20mm vehicles and figures.


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